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You Can Keep More of the Money You Make With Red And White Realty

A huge benefit of switching to Red and White is the fact that you get to keep most of the money you make as Darryl LaCroix found out.
“When compared to my last brokerage, I can now make an additional $17,000 a year – that’s pretty much a new car every year. I understand different brokerages offer agents different things, but none of them offer anything worth an extra $17,000 a year.
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More Reasons Why Darryl Switched

Darryl Lacroix

Supportive Leadership

“What I love about Red and White, first of all, is the leadership under Dave. He’s incredibly supportive of all his agents and does his best to position all of us to succeed.”

Supportive Agents

“… Red and White agents are supportive in kind. We are all members of a private Facebook group and it’s incredibly easy to share tips, ask questions, or request help from a long list of strong and experienced agents.”

Treated as a Team Member

“My last brokerage approached us as customers and, thus, would actively sell programs and seminars to its members and creatively discourage anyone from leaving the brokerage – I felt like I was being sold to from my own brokerage that was supposed to be helping me sell. Red and White is the complete opposite where they treat me as a team member, not a customer and look to help me sell.”

100% Canadian Owned

“… most of the other real estate agencies are American-owned and feel America. Red and White is proudly 100% Canadian owned and operated and is run with Canadian values.”

Our new agents often tell us:

“Oh, I should have done this years ago!”

Benefits of Switching to Red and White Realty

Here are some of the incredible benefits that you can enjoy by joining the Red and White Realty team:

A strong culture of positivity and success

No desk fees

No monthly brokerage fees

Fantastic low cap on commission splits

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Here’s what some of our other agents are saying…

“We all come to Red and White because we keep more of our commission. We stay because of Dave and Kyla! They are always offering knowledge, support and opportunities to learn and grow our business’. Coming to Red and White was easily the best decision I’ve made in my 18 year career as a Realtor.” – Tina Forte

Humberto Gomez

“I am thrilled to be part of Red and White Realty. Dave Anderson is a fantastic broker of record running a very smooth operation with a great support team. He is always looking for ways to help us improve our businesses, he is very prompt to respond to our inquiries, and the commission split is unbeatable.

For any Realtor considering switching brokerages, Red and White Realty is the place to be.” – Humberto Gomez

“Making the change to work with Red and White Realty is easily the best business decision I’ve made. Not only are there fantastic opportunities for growth at the brokerage, the culture among the agents is friendly and extremely collaborative. The commission splits leave more money in my pocket allowing me to invest on myself and my business.

Dave Anderson and the entire administration team shows amazing support to the agents and are constantly seeking new technology and opportunities to help us grow our business. I ‘heart’ Red and White Realty so much!” – Charlotte Ferguson

Charlotte Ferguson

“I am very happy with my decision to join Red and White. One of the main things I considered before joining was how affordable the brokerage fees were. After joining, I was pleasantly surprised at the level of support I get… from the admin to the coaching and so on.

Having such a knowledgeable broker in David Anderson has been a huge bonus too.” –  Vic Esteireiro

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Our brokerage was established in Waterloo, Ontario, in the fall of 2013 aiming to be a revolutionary brokerage, completely different than the typical brands associated with real estate. Dave and Kyla Anderson built Red and White Realty to help agents.

How? By making sure they had all the tools to be successful and a huge reduction in overhead costs.

Since 2013, Dave has recruited many agents, now in the provinces of Ontario, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, Alberta and coming soon to New Brunswick. The greatest testimonial is that the Red and White Realty agents have also recruited other agents. It does not take long for new agents to realize the change in their lifestyle that has taken place. Our agents can have a balanced lifestyle thanks to our no desk fees, no monthly brokerage fees, and fantastic low cap on commission splits.  If you want to know more, reach out to Dave.

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